Ocean Avenue Products

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Ocean Avenue ProductsOcean Avenue is a nutritional supplement company that has several products that may help you lose weight and get fit.

The WavSmart shake mix is a very thorough nutritional blend that can be mixed with water, milk, orange juice, and many other liquids.  It is a neutral vanilla flavor that you can mix in any number of flavors like real fruits, cocoa powder, frozen fruits, yogurts and more!

At just over $2.00 per meal (depending on what you mix in!) we are actually SAVING a ton of money on groceries while eating very nutritiously AND losing weight.  Not only that, but if you get 2 friends to try it too, YOURSOA-Independent-Square is FREE!!!

What do you have to lose? Click the links and find out more!  Oh yeah, I forgot… you can earn trips and maybe even win the Fit4Life contest!


We also have white papers on each product:
(Click the name for the .pdf)

Whey Smart Meal Replacement Smoothie

Whey Beyond Protein Drink

Invigorate Weight Management

Empower Anti-Inflammatory

Focus 6-Hour Energy Powder