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Why our new Challenge is to Ride the Wave of Ocean Avenue

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I’ve been on a weight loss, health & fitness challenge for about 2.5 years, and both Tim & I have had phenomenal results… I started as a size 20 and I’m now in a 10/12, Tim started in a 40 and he’s now in a 32/33.  I cannot deny the results and several of my friends and family have had great results too.

However, as new research and science comes out, sometimes things change… Many of my friends were not able to use the previous product due to the challenges of the artificial sweetener and the soy protien.  Also, I have hypo-thyroidism/Hashimoto’s disease, so I started gettinOA-Independent-Squareg concerned about the LONG term effects of the soy on my thyroid.

The Ocean Avenue product that I’ve switched to has some GREAT ingredients and I feel really good about our decision to do what’s best for our family and our health long term.

We’re really excited about the upcoming journey (and the free trips we’re going to earn!) and hope you’ll join us, either as a customer that’s ready to take care of your health or a distributor that wants to take charge of your financial health.

Here’s the links to the white papers if you want to see the “science”

White Paper (INVIGORATE)

White Paper (WHEY Smart)

White Paper (WHEY Beyond)

White Paper (FOCUS)

White Paper (EMPOWER)

And you can check out all of the product info at or call me!

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