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Cold Therapy at Chill CryoSauna… is it better than Ice Therapy?

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Watch as I try CryoTherapy for the first time with David Martin from Fox35 in Orlando. After ACL and Meniscus surgery 6 months ago I’m still having a lot of stiffness in the knee even after 3-a-week physical therapy sessions. I decided to try Whole Body Cryo Therapy to see if that would help. While researching it, I found other benefits as well, cryo therapy weight loss? yep, it burns 500-800 calories in the 24 hours after a session. cryo therapy to get rid of wrinkles and cellulite? that’s what they say! Supposedly it increases the collagen production in the deep layers of the skin and makes it tighter and clearer. Wow, loving it so far!
The actual session is only about 3 minutes long, but that was plenty of cold for this Florida girl!
If you’ve been wondering “what is cryotherapy treatment?” then check out this video then check out they have tons of info on different scientific studies and news clips including Dr. Oz!
It’s great for rehabilitation, certain ailments, muscle soreness and more and it’s all covered on their website.
I’ll be going back soon!

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