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Andy Tolbert’s 90 Day Zombie Apocalypse Training Challenge!

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URGENT UPDATE TO MY 90 DAY CHALLENGE… Given the craziness in the world I’ve decided that my 90 Day Challenge must be changed… it’s now a 90 day MISSION to train and be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! Watch my progress as I jump, run, fight and shoot my way to freedom… my other goals will come with the training, so stay tuned!

In my last 90 days my goal was just to not GAIN weight… you see I had knee surgery on April 4th. So here I am, 90 days later and I met my goal! So for the next 90 Days my goal is to get BACK in the gym, get BACK on track, and lose 1 jeans size! I’m going to go buy a pair of my favorite jeans in a size smaller so I have something to work towards over the next 90 Days! I must admit I got a little off track while laid up before and after the surgery, and after being so active for the last year it was really tough, but I’ve caught myself slipping back into some of my old habits, so IT’S TIME to re-commit to my 90 Day Challenge and do it for ME and look super sexy in those smaller jeans! Buckle here I come!

If you’d like to follow my challenge updates via video, CLICK HERE (it’s a Facebook app so once you “allow” it you can see all of my videos, subscribe to updates and even vote and rate them a “10”!)

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