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Welcome to our journey…

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Follow Tim & I as we journey to get in shape, feel better, and lose weight! We’ll share the highs and lows as we take this path together… thanks for watching! We lost most of the WEIGHT without working out… now we live an active lifestyle and we’re focusing on getting FIT and enjoying life a little more!

Why our new Challenge is to Ride the Wave of Ocean Avenue

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I’ve been on a weight loss, health & fitness challenge for about 2.5 years, and both Tim & I have had phenomenal results… I started as a size 20 and I’m now in a 10/12, Tim started in a 40 and he’s now in a 32/33.  I cannot deny the results and several of my friends and family have had great results too.

However, as new research and science comes out, sometimes things change… Many of my friends were not able to use the previous product due to the challenges of the artificial sweetener and the soy protien.  Also, I have hypo-thyroidism/Hashimoto’s disease, so I started gettinOA-Independent-Squareg concerned about the LONG term effects of the soy on my thyroid.

The Ocean Avenue product that I’ve switched to has some GREAT ingredients and I feel really good about our decision to do what’s best for our family and our health long term.

We’re really excited about the upcoming journey (and the free trips we’re going to earn!) and hope you’ll join us, either as a customer that’s ready to take care of your health or a distributor that wants to take charge of your financial health.

Here’s the links to the white papers if you want to see the “science”

White Paper (INVIGORATE)

White Paper (WHEY Smart)

White Paper (WHEY Beyond)

White Paper (FOCUS)

White Paper (EMPOWER)

And you can check out all of the product info at or call me!

Get off your duff!

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Will 2013 be the year you hit your New Years Resolutions?

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Do you…

I Made it to the FINALS of the Showdown Challenge!

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I’m so excited, I made it to the finals of the ViSalus Showdown Challenge!

For the last 90 Days I’ve been documenting my fitness and “knee-hab” journey in a series of videos (you can check them out at and people were able to “rate” the videos as I posted them on a 1-10 scale. Well, on October 22nd they announced the top 100 Finalists and guess what? I’M ONE OF THEM!!!

The next step was 4 days of voting (thanks to everyone that voted) and in 2 more days I’ll find out if I’m one of the 10 winners! The winners will be determined by 50% voting and 50% judges panel. When the voting ended I was at #10, so keep your fingers crossed!

Oh yeah, what do the 10 winners get?

  • A all-expense paid trip for them and their spouse to HOLLYWOOD CA for a red carpet weekend of wardrobe styling, hair and makeup makeovers, and a professional photo shoot
  • featured in The Challenge Magazine January edition (watch for it at newsstands)
  • star in an internet reality show produced by the former head of NBC, Ben Silverman (he also co-created The Biggest Loser)

I’m so excited I can hardly wait until Saturday when they announce the 10 winners!

I’ll let you know!

Fight or Flight… Zombie Apocalypse Training

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So I’ve been calling my last 90 days my “Zombie Attack Training” but what I realized is that I’m still not strong enough on the knee to RUN so I better be able to FIGHT! Watch as I get to train on some of the latest US Military weapons (and some other fun stuff) in this video. By the way, it’s my last video in the challenge series!


Cold Therapy at Chill CryoSauna… is it better than Ice Therapy?

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Watch as I try CryoTherapy for the first time with David Martin from Fox35 in Orlando. After ACL and Meniscus surgery 6 months ago I’m still having a lot of stiffness in the knee even after 3-a-week physical therapy sessions. I decided to try Whole Body Cryo Therapy to see if that would help. While researching it, I found other benefits as well, cryo therapy weight loss? yep, it burns 500-800 calories in the 24 hours after a session. cryo therapy to get rid of wrinkles and cellulite? that’s what they say! Supposedly it increases the collagen production in the deep layers of the skin and makes it tighter and clearer. Wow, loving it so far!
The actual session is only about 3 minutes long, but that was plenty of cold for this Florida girl!
If you’ve been wondering “what is cryotherapy treatment?” then check out this video then check out they have tons of info on different scientific studies and news clips including Dr. Oz!
It’s great for rehabilitation, certain ailments, muscle soreness and more and it’s all covered on their website.
I’ll be going back soon!

Why I’m glad I had to have knee surgery…

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Why I’m glad I had to have knee surgery…

Wow. What a headline. Those of you that know me know that this whole episode with my knee surgery has been probably one of the worst things I’ve ever been through in my life. And yet when I think about it, maybe it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened. (just to catch you up, I had surgery for a torn ACL and meniscus in April)

I’ve learned a lot about myself, I’ve seen what strength I have within, I’ve met new people and experienced new things that I never would have otherwise.

I have developed more respect for people with injuries and what it takes to get around on crutches (and the day in the wheelchair at SeaWorld was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced!)

I’ve found the strength to lift myself up when the leg just wasn’t working, and to grin and bear it and even make some jokes when physical therapy was hurting like hell, and to regroup and refocus when my progress slipped backwards…

I’ve had the chance to play in a zero-gravity treadmill (just like I saw GSP do in HIS knee-hab) and next week I’m going to be on Fox35 in a “cryo-sauna” for some cold therapy. (oh yeah, and I coined a new word… “knee-hab”!)

I have 5 scars that will be with me forever and my knee still pops, clicks and crunches, but I think instead of worrying and getting upset each time it does, I’m going to smile and say to myself “I’m stronger because of it”

I just got out of the shower and noticed something was missing…

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My ViSalus 90 Day Challenge sometimes has me obsessed about certain things, and when you don’t have them it’s like crack withdrawals… and this morning as I got out of the shower I realized I was missing something… find out what it is!

If you don’t know, the Body by Vi 90 day challenge is North America’s top fitness, weight loss and nutrition platform and is growing at crazy rates! Everyone, customers and promoters can get their products free each month and promoters can earn great commissions and even a BMW bonus! yep, the company will pay $600 towards your black, silver or green BMW (or $300 if you don’t want the BMW) as well as trips, prizes, contests, special offers and more!

At the core of the program is a delicious nutritional shake that you use as a meal replacement if weight loss is the goal, or as a post-workout shake if you’re trying to add lean muscle. We also have pre workout and during workout energy drink/performance drink and I feel GREAT after a workout!!! want more info? go to

Andy Tolbert’s 90 Day Zombie Apocalypse Training Challenge!

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URGENT UPDATE TO MY 90 DAY CHALLENGE… Given the craziness in the world I’ve decided that my 90 Day Challenge must be changed… it’s now a 90 day MISSION to train and be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! Watch my progress as I jump, run, fight and shoot my way to freedom… my other goals will come with the training, so stay tuned!

In my last 90 days my goal was just to not GAIN weight… you see I had knee surgery on April 4th. So here I am, 90 days later and I met my goal! So for the next 90 Days my goal is to get BACK in the gym, get BACK on track, and lose 1 jeans size! I’m going to go buy a pair of my favorite jeans in a size smaller so I have something to work towards over the next 90 Days! I must admit I got a little off track while laid up before and after the surgery, and after being so active for the last year it was really tough, but I’ve caught myself slipping back into some of my old habits, so IT’S TIME to re-commit to my 90 Day Challenge and do it for ME and look super sexy in those smaller jeans! Buckle here I come!

If you’d like to follow my challenge updates via video, CLICK HERE (it’s a Facebook app so once you “allow” it you can see all of my videos, subscribe to updates and even vote and rate them a “10”!)

Post Surgery… 9 weeks and going strong!

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Well, it’s been about 9 weeks since my ACL/Meniscus surgery on my right knee… I’ve been working hard on my rehab at the physical therapist, Orlando Sports Medicine Group, but it’s going slow and very frustrating! It’s kind of funny when you go from heavy duty crossfit workouts 4-5 times a week to getting excited to be able to turn the crank on the stationary bicycle…

The good news? I haven’t gained any weight since the surgery!!! I love the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!

P.S. I finally was able to wear my jeans again, the knee’s been to swollen up until now!